Plastic partitions


Installation of plastic partition

Sometimes there is a need to redevelop premises under repair or renovation. The most common practice of apartment re-designing is moving, replacing and erecting of partitions. A partition is an element of design whereby the space between bearing walls is divided into rooms according to their functional purposes. Today internal and office partitions can be made of PVC. This material does not change shape, it is immune to the exposure of solar radiation and moisture, insusceptible to temperature drops, and resistant to rust and rot.
Office partitions offer practical solutions in division of working area and solve problems of general design space. The scope of application of partitions is wide: offices, shopping malls, transportation centers, banks, educational and research bodies and many others.
Stationary partitions are mounted to the floor, ceiling and walls and feature high rigidity characteristics as well as good sound insulation. In the case when a partition must be installed in the room with a suspended ceiling the structure is erected to the desired height and reinforced by the racks attached directly to the main ceiling.
Single-wing, one-and-half wing or two-wing doors with different furniture can be embedded into stationary partitions. The structure provides for a lock fitting.
Decorative non-transparent and light transmitting materials are used for filling partitions and doors which may be combined, if required, one part of the structure may be transparent and another non-transparent. The main advantages of plastic partitions are durability and sound insulation that give you the opportunity to enjoy peace and tranquility. The design features of plastic structures allow for a wide range of styles. The exclusive feature of plastics is potential for imitation of precious species of wood which is technologically inapplicable to aluminum.

Burglar-proof furniture

Modern windows are equipped with anti-burglary accessories. Our safety depends on the quality of accessories.

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Plastic structures

Windows - primary type of activity of our company. We are dealing with windows for many years and we know everything about windows.

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Glass unit

Modern types of production allow to produce absolutely different types of double-glazed windows.

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Windows of Scandinavian type

Scandinavian windows enjoy the greatest popularity in the Scandinavian countries, but also at us they are gradually getting popularity.

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Windows tool - blind

Blinds are convenient in use, they create a severe look of the room, protect from the sun, from strange eyes. Some blinds are developed specially for plastic windows.

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Ventilation system

Modern windows are tight to keep tightness and noise isolation, but at the same to provide continuous inflow of fresh air it is necessary to use modern system of ventilation.

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Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets constitute an irreplaceable accessory for windows, especially during the warm season of the year. They can be easily dismantled in the winter, and reliably protect from insects and flue during the summer.

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Wooden structures

A wood is a habitual material, and despite changes in its processing, wooden windows will always create a sound type of your house.

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The modern equipment of our company has allowed to carry out thermographic works in a high quality and according to modern requirements.

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