Plastic doors


Front doors happen to be made not only of metal and wood. Plastic PVC doors are as good as the above mentioned ones – moreover, PVC front doors have several advantages over them. At first plastic doors often could be found in offices and commercial premises but today such designs are often used for doorway trimming in the places of residence. Special reinforced profile is the distinctive feature of front doors. Schuco or Aluplast are also used for front doors but the profile itself is different from the profile of a balcony door. It is stronger and larger in size; moreover, more reinforced furniture is used for front doors. The door wing leaf looks wider than that of a balcony door because the wing must be equipped with a lock and knob with push furniture. Front doors, in contrast to the balcony doors, have three reinforced hinges and do not need a folding mechanism for opening. PVC front doors are equipped with two-sided door-knobs. Due to the fact that the front door profile is wide enough it is feasible to install different options for handles and locks.              

PVC front doors are made of different shapes and colours. The profile may be laminated in colour required by a customer. Several types of locks allow for the most suitable option in each case. In addition to the standard locks with one crossbar and lever latch, the so-called “multi-latch” locks are also available, the very title of which explains that clamping and locking of the door are realized in several places.     


It is important to note that front doors are designed both for high traffic facilities, i.e. shops, offices and residential use as front doors to cottages, swimming pools etc.       
The specialists of our enterprise are always ready to give you a tip what option is right especially for you: with an aluminum doorsill or without; with the ordinary clear glass or tinted, sandblasted or coated with special protective or opaque film.
Plastic doors do not need additional painting and finishing. They are potential to retain their properties for long time ensuring easy and tight opening and closing.  

Plastic structures

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