Coloured plastic windows



The PVC window profile coated with a laminated film is rightly considered as an effective way to decorate your home. Being aware of the fact, we offer our customers up-to-date and high-tech plastic windows decorated according to the most current trends starting from varous patterns imitating wood (oak, pine, cherry, fir, maple) to sole coloured textured films (green, grey, blue, beige).

The process of lamination of PVC profiles is carried out at the special equipment by sticking a film with a special adhesive composition. The service life of decorated windows is not less than that of usual white ones.
A laminated film:

• Has a wide range of permissible temperature of operation;
• Not damaged by atmospheric precipitation;
• Do not peel off;
• Not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
• Practically fadeless;
• Do not need cosmetic tinting;
• Easy to wash by routine soap solution;
• Environmentally safe.
• Plastic windows can be laminated not only from one side but also from both sides. Depending on your interior design project you are free to choose an imitating wood or plain colour options.

Lamination process:
Before lamination a special ground coat, primer, is applied to a profile surface, then the profile is sent to the laminating machine whereby the acrylic film is fastened by gluing. Further it goes through a system of rollers having varying level of pressure, so the film is firmly rolled down to the surface. Coloured plastic windows are increasingly frequently used in standard projects, thus creating a special atmosphere in apartments.


1- Eiche dunkel  2- Golden Oak 3-Eiche hell
4-Mahagoni 5-Eiche natur 6-Braun dekor
7-Anthrazitgrau 8-Silbergrau 9-Moosgrun


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