Thermal imager (Eliminating the heat leakage source)




Our company, having a good knowledge and good experts in the field of construction, offers a range of services, such as technical analysis of the immovable property that you are looking for/purchasing and installation systems being mounted at your place. Using a Thermal imager our experts will:


  • detect spots of heat leakage in walls;

  • detect spots of heat leakage in roofing;

  • detect spots of heat leakage in air conditioning systems;

  • detect spots of heat leakage in floor heating systems;

  • check the efficiency of heating systems;

  • check the efficiency of air conditioning systems;

  • check the efficiency of ventilation systems;

  • evaluate windows for drafts;

  • evaluate the roofing for leaks.


We provide not only the visual record of the object to you, but also will analyze identify issues and offer practical solutions.

Thermography is a scientific way of getting the thermogram - image of an object in the infrared spectrum showing the distribution of temperature fields. Thermal imagers detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (900-14000 nanometers). The device allows you to see thermal radiation of surrounding objects regardless of their illumination intensity, and measure the temperature at any point on the surface of the object with a precision of 0.1C.


The unique capabilities of thermal imagers are used in many fields, from industry to medicine. Recently they began to be used actively in construction.

Constant growth of tariffs on energy resources and on utility payments as a consequence brings forth the issue of energy savings and energy conservation methods. Housing and utility services at the moment are going through a phase of serious reformation.

Introduction of energy saving technologies, be it technological process control systems or insulation materials, should be based on accurate diagnostics of problems in the first place.

In addition, a clear picture of details invisible to the naked eye can be invaluable for planning of reclamation works and mutual settlements rationalization for the owner of the building or the insurance company involved in the settlement of property damage.

Thermal imager can easily detect the heat leakage in the building, irregularity of heating, cooling or heating air-conditioning systems. By repairing these systems we can keep warmth and thereby avoid constant expenses on building heating. Recently, the building materials production market has been developing rapidly, and the application of those materials requires the effective analysis and compliance with the directions for use, concerning tightness and thermal insulation. Improper application, which results in an unhealthy living atmosphere due to penetration of dampness and mold, should be avoided. Thermal imager will help to acquire important information to avoid costly, time-consuming and nervous repair works.

Thermal imager is the fastest and the best device for detection of constructional errors. With Thermal imager you can easily prove that the construction works had been incorrectly or poorly executed. Thermal imager indicates heat losses and air leakages (sources of drafts) that occur in buildings, in the form of quality color thermal images.


Mold formation prevention: Not only the building structure suffers from mold, but also appears a risk for the health and development of allergies in residential areas and offices. Spores of fungi reproduce preferably in moist areas. Mineral substances of walls, wallpapers and paint provide an excellent soil for this. Thermal imagers with special software features for visualization of dew-point show the danger areas and automatically mark them with the color on the image. Thus potential danger is being identified in a timely manner.

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The modern equipment of our company has allowed to carry out thermographic works in a high quality and according to modern requirements.

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