Recessed Balcony Finishing

The first step to obtain a warm recessed balcony is to glaze it using plastic frames.
The cost of internal finishing for recessed balconies
Recessed balcony finishing depends on:
  • material used for finishing;
  • list of required services;
  • Floor space of the recessed balcony
How to order finishing of the recessed balcony? To assess the cost of work, send details to our e-mail containing the following information.
If you need interior finishing of the recessed balcony, you should provide us with:
the dimensions of your recessed balcony (preferably with photos)
what kind of material do you want to use for finishing
do you require any additional services (such as exterior finishing or glazing of the recessed balcony)
Before finishing the recessed balcony with plastic or any other decorative materials, it needs to be glazed, insulated and sealed. 
Stages of the recessed balcony's renovation
1) exterior finishing (if necessary)
2) glazing installation (cold or warm)
3) the recessed balcony's interior finishing.

Wooden lining

Lining is a traditional and one of the most common wooden finishing materials.
Wooden lining is considered a versatile and environmentally friendly finishing material, in particular for the balconies.  Wooden linings are wood boards that have unmatched aesthetic appearance and durability. Typically, pine or spruce lining is used for finishing balconies.

Plastic lining

Plastic lining is a 10-centimetre polyvinyl chloride section in the form of a panel. Such panels are joined using the grooves that makes the wall surface look texturised and visually increases the recessed balcony's space.
Sheeting with 10 cm wide plastic PVC lining is a very common type of finishing for the recessed balcony, as well as one of the most inexpensive and environmentally friendly options.
Plastic lining is resistant to moisture, corrosion and rotting. Such lining is suitable for the "cold" recessed balcony. This type of lining is resistant to the effects of cold, moisture and temperature drops, and it's easy to care for. The care for PVC lining includes periodic wiping with a wet cloth.
It has a wide-ranging palette of colours.
The replacement and repairs of finishing elements made of lining are relatively easy.
Advantages of plastic lining:
moisture resistance
reduces the noise level
permissible operating temperature range is -50 to +50 C
resistant to ultraviolet radiation
various colours and textures
requires no additional treatment.

Finishing with plaster

If you want to match the recessed balcony's design with the design of the apartments, you can use finishing plaster.
Decorative plaster is versatile and efficient in use and resistant to physical impacts.


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