Installation works in winter

The advantage of installation works

Installation work in winter has undeniable advantages.

As soon as the wind begins to blow in the cracks of the old windows, we began to think, wouldn’t it be easier to replace windows.

We could change the windows in winter. Installation in winter not as terrible as it seems at first sight. Although the demand on plastic windows is consistently higher in summer than in winter.

During the installation works the window openings remain fully open for only 20 minutes. During this time, the room gets not more cold air than during airing and warmth restores very quickly with new dual-pane window. Installation of plastic windows in the winter time happens gradually, from window to window, so the room will not be damaged by frost.

During the installation of windows in the cold season you are guaranteed a full adjustment and tightness level check of the window accessories. If you are installing the windows in the summer, then only in winter you will be able to know if it was badly installed or not. When the outside temperature is above zero, it is not possible to adjust the fittings instantly, as it is not possible to feel even a light draft from poorly adjusted sash in summer. Properly executed windows installation ensures excellent results regardless of the time of year it was completed, but it is the cold season when the defects and flaws will be obvious: poorly sealed seam will be drawing the cold air from outside.

In winter the window-making companies reduce the windows production time for up to a week, allowing you to manage your time. Besides, winter windows replacement is cheaper and it will be much less time on their manufacturing and installation.

Those customers, who changed the windows in winter at least once, will not order a plastic window in the summer next time. Summer should be dedicated to children, family, friends, and the windows should be changed in winter. After all, the plastic Windows that was installed in winter will serve you for the same amount of time as the windows installed in the warmer months.

The benefits of ordering the windows in winter:

1) installation quality check

2) reasonable prices and shortest possible terms



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