Windows bars

How to select and set up bars on windows. 


The most protective windows bars are fixed bars.

While defined the type of mounting, you need to decide from which profiled material the bars will be made produced:

- the rod (semi-finished product of long metal with a circular, hexagonal, rectangular or trapezoidal, oval or segment section)

- the square (metal semi-square)

- the stripe (metal semi-rectangular cross-section)

- or the composite profile.


About the stripes and squares

The square or rod bars are stronger than the strip ones, since the steel used for making the profile of a diameter of 12 to 20 mm (for bar) and a section of 12x12, 14x14, 16x16 mm (for a square). While defined with profiled material, you need to choose pattern. It all depends on your personal choice and financial possibilities. The square or rod bars are treated as most beautiful. However, the usage of stripe is not a descent decision while producing the specific design bars, although it depends on the imagination of the master and the customer. It is necessary to mean that the bars of stripes are difficult to make symmetrical if pattern consists of repeating elements. Therefore, if you are in all respect the precision, you’d rather order the mixed bars, from a stripe or bar for example. Then the master will be able to adjust pattern on the set sizes.

About setup and colors.


Kindly be informed that despite the fact that most of bars are like welded-type, there are forged-type bars as well. The elements of its design are produced with a special procedure of hot and cold forging, while welding is necessary at the fitting. The square and rod are most welcomed for such procedure. Such products are those for customers who have sufficient funds and artistic taste. The pattern of these bars is sometimes reminiscent of finest lace.

The range of painting materials for bars are very broad – you can choose antique bronze, antique silver, gold, clear, green or black lacquer, etc. It is important to carry out pre-priming with painting metal to avoid corrosion.

The setup may be done in two different ways: in the window hole ends (outside of the frames); or adjusting the window hole.

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