Salt pellets

About salt pellets

If water is hard – it means it has high content of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts. Such water will cause damage to machinery, so it must be softened. Pelleted salt is used in water softening equipment.
Pelleted salt purifies water from hardness salts, restores performance of ion exchange resins in ion exchangers in the water softener units and protects the heating elements from lime deposits.

Pelleted salt is a sodium chloride, pressed into the form of pellets and passed through special processing. The pellet slowly dissolves in water and makes a clear, homogenous and concentrated salt solution. The pellet "melts" evenly and does not form an insoluble residue. The components that form the residue are no longer contained in the treated water. At that, water retains all essential minerals.

Our Company offers high-quality pelleted salt. The vacuum salt is the best pelleted salt. This salt is obtained by passing through the pipelines, while undergoing vacuum-steam processing. Any additives are excluded in the pelleted salt. This prevents the contact with the environment and allows creating the pelleted salt of high purity 99.9% (NaCL)

In fact, the pelleted salt is a high quality edible sodium chloride of high purity, but the shape and structure of the pellets ensures its uniform dissolution in salt dissolver. In addition, the pellets are evenly reduced in size, rather than scattered into slush.

Pelleted salt is used for regeneration (reduction) of ion exchange resins in the water softening units.

- household water filters
- water softeners
- industrial water treatment
- washing equipment
Pelleted salt is placed in a solvent tank, which is prefilled with the regenerant. Salt dissolves and modifies the water hardness, making it softer.

Salt is packed in bags of 25 kg.
Salt pellets are odourless and of white colour.
Pelleted salt is not toxic and fireproof.
It is the best choice for water softening tasks.
You can buy the salt from our Company, including delivery in Riga and Riga region (minimum 5 bags)

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