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Maintenance of plastic windows and doors.

All moving parts are needed to be inspected. This refers to your windows and doors. The necessary works are easy and you can do them on your own.


Open the window in the turning direction.

1. Lever bearing: lubricate with oil

2. Lever guides: lubricate with oil

3. Direction change mechanism: turn the handle in the window’s tilting position and lubricate the spring plate in longitudinal hole. Turn the handle back and forth several times afterwards.

4. Locking bush: lubricate the bush along with the pivot pin.

5. Cavity before the seal (pre-chamber): clean up if necessary with a vacuum cleaner. (Also needed for the water drainage hole). Check whether the sealing gasket is depressed in a frame around the whole perimeter, and whether the sealant bonding spots damaged (in the corners). If yes, then you should call a specialist.

6. Hole for water drainage: check whether the holes clogged with mud (inlet and outlet holes). Clean them with the wire if necessary. Depending on the type of window installation the outlet holes can be in A and B positions.


Open the window in tilting position.

7. Lever bushes and swivel junction: lubricate with oil

8. Angular bearing: lubricate with oil.

When should you call a specialist.

Window sash may eventually sag. This results in the fact that during opening the sash is depressed, i.e. the lock mechanism or direction change mechanism from the side of the handle locks. In this case it is better to call a specialist to adjust the levers mechanism or angular bearing. If the sash has sagged too much, then he will adjust the position of the glass by installing the additional padding for glass fixation. Specialist can also help in cases when sealant becomes unglued where it was bonded or accessories are difficult to operate



The modern equipment of our company has allowed to carry out thermographic works in a high quality and according to modern requirements.

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