Operation Manual

Plastic windows and doors operating rules.

In order for plastic Windows to be in perfect condition for years you should be familiar with the Operation Manual for plastic windows and doors and adhere to the simple rules!

In order for the glass not to have condensate or ice it is recommended to install 24mm thick triple-pane windows. It is necessary that the humidity in the room where the window is installed must not exceed 40-50%. Also, the apartments must have exhaust ventilation for good air circulation.

To check the ventilation air extraction you should place a sheet of paper to the grating and if the system is working as intended, then the ventilation draft will “hold” the sheet by the air coming out of the duct.

You must ventilate the apartments 2 times a day for 10-15 minutes, both in summer and in winter.

Window ledge width must be of size sufficient to ensure the unhindered passage of air up from the radiators, along the window. This creates a normal air circulation indoors.

It is necessary to maintain cleanliness at the surface of the glass and profile. We recommend washing with warm water and gentle soap, lubricate rubber seals with special silicone and 2 times a year grease fittings.

Strip of condensate at the bottom of the window’s glass (not more than 15 cm.) is allowed.


Before installation, please read the operation and maintenance manual.


1. After the completion of the installation

You must immediately remove the dust and chips from the frame and all moving parts. Do not use any sharp objects for trash removal. Use a vacuum cleaner or wooden or plastic spatula; treat the window frames and sealing with special treatment product or a soft cloth.

VERY IMPORTANT! After installation of the window the doors should not be opened for 24 hours! During finishing, reveals installation, wall painting, etc. you should keep the window closed, in order to avoid getting paint on the moving parts of the window. Failure to observe this rule by the customer will result in guarantee expiration.

2. During opening

When opening and closing the window it is better to slightly press on the window frame. Very important! When in the open position do NOT change the position of the handle!

2.1. Opening of tilt and turn window

To open in turning position, turn the handle in the horizontal position. For tilting opening turn the handle in a horizontal position.

ATTENTION! handle turning should be executed only with closed sash! That is, if the window is opened for switching of the sash positions (such as from turning to tilting position), you must close the window before turning the handle.

3. Window cleaning

3.1. General notes

Plastic windows are not allowed to clean with: sharp tools that can damage the surface of the profile; aggressive detergents (nail polish remover, solvent and others)

3.2. Common pollution

Windows are cleaned with non-aggressive cleaning agents. Wipe with a damp cloth.

3.3. Severe pollution

Try to remove construction solutions with a plastic spatula.

3.4. Removal of stains

For persistent paint stains and other hardly removable stains use the special kits for PVC windows cleaning.

4. Windows treatment

Once a year it is recommended to inspect PVC windows

4.1. Water drainage holes cleaning

Remove the dirt between the outside of the frame and seal with a vacuum cleaner. If water drainage holes are clogged use a small wooden stick to their cleaning.

4.2. Seals treatment

Wipe the rubber seals from trash and dust on a quarterly basis.

By following these simple rules your windows will serve you for many years!


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